What is ranked at the most dishonest city?

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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After a team of reporters left wallets in parks, shopping malls and sidewalks in 16 cities, a Reader’s
Digest experiment found that Helsinki, Finland emerged the most honest city in the world with Finns
returning 11 of 12 wallets intact.
Reporters were instructed to put a name, cellphone number, family photo, coupons, business cards
and the equivalent of $50 USD in a dozen wallets and leave them strewn across their city. Then we
watched to see what would happen.
In the teeming metropolis of Mumbai, nine out of 12 wallets were returned and ranked it the second
most honest city.
The full results are :
1. Helsinki, Finland 11 of 12 wallets returned
2. Mumbai, India 9/12
3. Budapest, Hungary 8/12
4. New York, USA 8/12
5. Moscow, Russia 7/12
6. Amsterdam, Holland 7/12
7. Berlin, Germany 6/12
8. Ljubljana, Slovenia 6/12
9. London, England 5/12
10. Warsaw, Poland 5/12
11. Bucharest, Romania 4/12
12. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4/12
13. Zurich, Switzerland 4/12
14. Prague, Czech Republic 3/1
15 Madrid, Spain 2/12
16. Lisbon, Portugal 1/12


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