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Here is question; do you prefer paperback or electronic books?  Or does it depend on what you are doing (e.g. travelling or on holiday?)


Bad At Being Bad (Fifty Shades of Bad!) eBook- Mark Barber- Kindle Store

My book promotion is working so far with Bad At Being Bad reaching the dizzy heights of No.17 for the Kindle store humour section

Living with his parents – rent-free, jobless, and on the dole – life is stress-free and easy. However, watching the world go by has not made Steve any less opinionated, especially on important and pressing issues such as social networking sites and daytime TV.

But fate is about to deal another hand. Motivated by the fear of losing his benefits and precious beer money, and enticed by an exotic-sounding location, Steve takes a job that is not quite what it seems…

Thrust into a surreal world where multi-national organised terrorism is regulated by crazy bureaucracy and health and safety gone mad, Steve finds himself employed by the megalomaniac Dr Won Doin who is hell bent on that old cliché of world domination. If Daniel Craig portrays Bond in a modern era, then Dr Won must fancy himself as the ultimate modern day Bond nemesis.

Guns, girls and paperwork – Is it possible to be bad at being bad? Steve is about to find out.

“This book has three themes which could easily make it fall apart but it doesn’t. Its held together with tight prose and so many laughs that I giggled through most of the book!” – Anna R (Amazon 5* review)